5 Best Microphones under $100 in 2018

Microphones are important for half or all of our every day actions, depending on what we use them for.

Given the varied environments we require them to be used, resembling studios for recording our music or stay occasions, we need to rigorously select our picks.

Some microphones are good for enclosed environments whereas others for open air. The supply of your sound will even tremendously decide your selection of microphone.


Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

  • Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental copy and rich vocal…
  • Professional-quality copy for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier…
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the primary supply whereas decreasing…

It’s advisable to pick a microphone based mostly on its meant position.

And as we know it’s exhausting to make the selection, we are simplifying it for you so you recognize which greatest microphone to buy under the $100 worth.

How did we slender right down to one of the best microphone under $100?

There are several standards we thought-about as we chosen some among the greatest microphones under $100. These embrace the options of the microphones that we sampled and tested.

Thorough research by way of evaluations submitted by those who tried the mics out performed an enormous half in our neutral willpower of the most effective microphones.

We now have outlined crucial traits that you simply ought to think about as you store for a microphone.

And since we’re after attaining one of the best sound high quality while at the similar time minding the dimensions of our pockets, we compiled an inventory that’s suits your wants.

Understand the following first earlier than deciding on a brand or measurement of the microphone.

  • Measurement of the diaphragm
  • Frequency response
  • The Impedance of the Microphone
  • Sort of Capture Pattern
  • Noise cancellation functionality
  • We decided this remaining record by combining their biggest options and used people who made them excellent in the choice course of.

    The Five Best Microphone Under $100

    Here’s an inventory of the 5 greatest microphones under $100:

    Crucial consideration when choosing the perfect microphone

    The type of capture response

    We’ve got outlined the number of features that must be thought-about when choosing a microphone. Which is crucial attribute function, nevertheless?

    What sample can be captured is dependent upon the directionality property of the microphone. How sensitive is your microphone?

    How effectively does it decide up the sound from all instructions? How efficiently does it get rid of unwanted noise?

    Whereas some microphones decide sound from specific instructions, others decide whatever the path. This leads us to the classification of microphones based mostly on their directionality function.

    An omnidirectional microphone receives sound alerts whatever the path in equal measure.

    As much as it comes in useful in circumstances the place the sound must be captured from all instructions, it has a lesser degree of focus.

    More often than not the sound is much less clear. The vague nature of the sound means undesired sounds have overwhelmed the required sound.

    Bidirectional microphones receive the sound from two sides dealing with each other. For example, when individuals are at a conference table conversing, the microphone that’s positioned in between each side at the desk is bidirectional.

    A unidirectional microphone receives sound from one path. It is particular like that. A lot of the mics held in one hand are unidirectional.

    These are additional categorized into cardioid and hypercardioid mics. Cardioid mics decide most of their sounds from the entrance with much less from the aspect.

    Hypercardioid mics, however, are extra particular with choosing the sounds from the entrance and eradicating those from the again or sides.

    With their specificity, unidirectional microphones require the sound to be regular from the consumer’s path otherwise, it is going to be of no use.

    Relying in your sort of surroundings, you will have to decide on a seize pattern that most accurately fits your setting. Then the remaining will comply with.

    Other issues when choosing one of the best microphone

    Measurement of the Diaphragm

    The dimensions of the microphone’s diaphragm goes a great distance in figuring out the type of audio alerts that can be produced.

    A larger mic diaphragm means two issues; larger sound reception sensitivity and a bigger output voltage. It also impacts the rest of the microphone’s characteristics as is discussed in detail right here.

    Larger diagrams permit for higher capturing of the finer sound details because the vibrations of the sound waves are magnified based on their measurement.

    This provides them an upper hand over the smaller diaphragm mics as they produce stronger alerts. A robust signal means a better noise handling functionality and so the better choice for you.

    Frequency Response

    This refers to the characteristic of a microphone that measures how it responds to totally different sound frequencies in a variety. For common purposes, mics with equally flat responses are most popular.

    Nevertheless, if in search of a custom-made sound for a selected function, it’s sensible to go for a customized frequency response.

    A flat response signifies that the mic is nearly similarly delicate to all the vary of frequencies.

    This is disadvantageous because the mic might find yourself processing all forms of sound, including the undesirable and this means the ensuing signal shall be tainted.

    You’ll understand the significance of a tailor-made response in a case the place the readability of a person’s voice is required regardless of the noises from the background.

    The purpose is to focus on higher production of the desirable alerts. And there are mics designed to amplify the human voice and attenuate the unwanted noise.

    Noise cancellation capability

    The vibrations produced by the sound that is to be converted into an electrical sign are all passed by means of for the alteration. The microphone can’t comprehend what sound is fascinating and which is undesirable.

    Nevertheless, there are some microphones which have a safety system which allows the diaphragm to understand what sound is desirable or not.

    They will also inform the weird vibrations that aren’t required in the sign to be generated. They’re usually given an higher hand.

    It is advisable to select a mic that has a greater noise handling functionality so that the undesirable noise is filtered out.

    The Impedance of the Microphone

    Basic electronics supply a certain resistance to the present that passes via them.

    For microphones, this present is the audio signal. Measured in Ohms, each microphone has its measure of impedance.

    Most cheap mics have high impedance however their downside is the poor efficiency when the conducting cables are stretched over long distances.

    Mics with low impedance are most popular as the audio sign faces less resistance and thereby better sound high quality manufacturing. Additionally it is notable to match the impedance of your microphone with the remainder of the sound gear.

    Make sure you verify the exact impedance scores of the mic and the remainder of the elements, from the guide or supplier websites before making your order.

    The perfect microphone under $100

    This was a stiff competition because the mics we’ve listed all had their excellent features. We nevertheless managed to choose the Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone for its general efficiency.

    This was our prime decide.

    The Shure SM57-LC has a wide range of frequency response from 40 up-to 15000 Hz.

    It has been used for a long time in the music business.

    Many recording studios boast having recorded the perfect of sound qualities with the Shure SM57.

    It is unidirectional and expresses the sounds of the instrumentals with precision.

    Professionals typically advocate this because it enhances quite a lot of music devices corresponding to drums and guitar amplifiers.

    Its cardioid seize response sample function eliminates the noise in the background, giving a lift to its otherwise flat frequency response.

    It transparently reveals the great thing about the singer’s voice. The sound pickup is from one specific level of focus.

    Its strong build allows it to face up to drops from heights of as much as 10ft. And not only as soon as, if the mic occurs to fall on the ground severally, it may possibly nonetheless stand up to the effect of the drop.

    This makes it appropriate for outside recording activities.

    The Shure SM57 is adaptable to varied sound strain ranges. It may well stand up to high SPL with the least distortion making it appropriate for instruments which have a high-volume recording.

    Drums sound greatest with this model of this mic. It could even deal with what is screaming to the human ear comfortably.

    The SM57 can stand up to a variety of frequencies because of its non-specific tuning potential. It’s good for artists who would their voices input uncooked. Those trying to report for his or her podcasts online or auditions will discover this very ideally suited to them.

    Given its wide selection of purposes for various recording settings, it qualified to be our prime decide.


    Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

    • Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental copy and rich vocal…
    • Professional-quality copy for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier…
    • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the primary source while decreasing…

    The four different Microphones we tested

    Simply because the rest of the 4 microphones didn’t make it to the top decide doesn’t mean they don’t seem to be good.

    Each of them has a selected area of power that you would go for based mostly in your personal preferences.

    Behringer B-1

    This specific Behringer has a gold coating and is a less expensive various to its brother the B-2 professional which has a polar multipattern.

    The B-1 is of cardioid pattern and this means two things.

    It is ready to decide up the desirable sounds and isolate them from the undesired as well as reject any unsolicited suggestions. It has a controllable low-frequency roll-off setting that requires no additional EQ settings.

    Singers who wish to document on the comfort of their houses will find this very ideally suited for their day by day sound recordings.

    It produces sounds with heightened practicality and sensitivity.

    The distinct presence increase function present in the B-1 enhances the wide selection of frequencies supported by the mic.

    It has an impressive transducer that eliminates noise from the channel for enhanced sound readability. This means it may also be used in totally different recording settings.

    In case you are in search of a durable mic, the B-1 is the right selection for you. It could actually stand up to the prolonged hours of recording periods and comes in a well-crafted case that’s straightforward to carry around.

    Whether or not you want to report reside or in your studio, the Behringer B-1 is the perfect selection.

    There have been complaints of its excessively excessive achieve, but this may be fastened by tuning the amplifier down to stop probabilities of a feedback prevalence.

    It helps input attenuation. General, nevertheless, this can be a really nice mic on your vocals on the most reasonably priced worth.


    • Skilled 1” gold-sputtered large-diaphragm condenser microphone for…
    • Excellent as fundamental and help microphone for studio and reside purposes–good…
    • Cardioid pickup sample for outstanding sound source separation and feedback…

    MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

    This can be a quality mic for self-recording artists on the lookout for a budget-friendly decide.

    Many musicians who are new to the music business have had an amazing experience with the MXL 770, both for the worth range and the sound output high quality too.

    It provides an aesthetic look and boasts its compact bass.

    The microphone comes with a case designed to face up to any brute exterior forces offering it with enough defend. It also comes The bass is right for the rap music style.

    The highest end of the Cardioid condenser supplies an added clarity ensuing in a warmer sound.

    All you must do is let the mic heat up to the encompassing then you’ll get one of the best of sound qualities.

    The MXL 770 has been rated as having the most effective price-to-performance relations.

    The microphone comes with a case designed to face up to any brute exterior forces offering it with sufficient defend.

    It also comes armed with a cool wanting shock guard that ensures the mic’s solidity.

    Samson C01U Professional USB Studio Condenser Microphone

    It has a big diaphragm which guarantees audio production of pure studio-quality and consists of both excessive and low-end frequencies.

    Artists in search of to document from their studios at residence will find this merchandise very ideally suited for them.

    It additionally complements different purposes comparable to VoIP, Skype, and FaceTime which are used for podcasting and recording vocals.

    It is simple to use as there are not any drivers required for it to work. All it’s a must to do is plug and play.

    Since most individuals recording from house use their PCs, the C01U is well-suited for the computer’s digital audio recording.

    The Samson C01U condenser mic has an upper hand over its predecessor as it comes with a headphone output which lets you report as you monitor the progress with zero-latency.

    Its peak LED indicator which tries to match the integrations that the house PC based mostly studios come with. The Samson C01U accommodates mobile phone recording purposes.

    Its strong metallic development along with the hefty gauge mesh grill is a lift to its sturdiness. It comes with a really perfect stand for the desktop setup.

    Nevertheless, there have been complaints of problem in establishing the mic however the guide that comes with it may well help in this case.

    Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

    In case you are trying to report for a podcast, house studio, for voiceover or in the sector, the ATR2500 condenser mic is right for you.

    It’s plug and play and will work naturally together with your pc’s software. It has a big diaphragm and cardioid polar pattern to scale back incorporation of undesirable sounds.

    The built-in headphone is for better control and monitoring of your mic’s volume sounds throughout recording.

    The Audio-Technica ATR2500 is accessorized with either threaded or tripod desk stands to carry and stability the mic.

    The diaphragm is mild to spice up its frequency response potential. It’s straightforward to set up this mic.

    It isn’t good but identical to the remaining it has its flaws. It is a good choice as it’s reasonably priced for the worth range.

    Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB...
    Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB…

    • Aspect-address condenser microphone with USB output for straightforward connection to your…
    • Superb for podcasting, house studio recording, subject recording, and voiceover use
    • Constructed-in headphone jack lets you instantly monitor your microphone output…

    The Bottom Line

    The specs of a mic don’t inform you the whole lot that you must know.

    The performance of the mic can also be influenced by different elements resembling the type of materials used to make it and the overall construction.

    The one positive approach of telling how good a mic is by listening and that is why we took the time to check samples of the mentioned to ensure you get one of the best suited mic for you.


    Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
    Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

    • Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental copy and rich vocal…
    • Skilled-quality copy for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier…
    • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the primary source while decreasing…