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The Ultimate Guide to Energy Vampires [Everything You Need to Know]

Is there actually such a thing as emotional vampires that steal power from others?

Or have I gone off the esoteric deep finish?

Right here’s the factor: Most of us need to be constructive, upstanding, good individuals.

I get it. I have the identical impulse.

However my experiences have taught me unequivocally, that the one method to contact the “true light” in us is thru the darkness.

Paradoxical, I do know. However maybe this resonates with some of your life experiences too?

Here, we’ll explore the ins and outs of emotional vampirism—how individuals are stealing power from each other day by day, right beneath our noses.

Then, we’ll check out what we will do about it: how to detect it, shield from it, and include our vampirism.

Okay. Let’s dive in.

Before We Get Began …

The challenge with this matter is that we don’t have objective measurement instruments to validate this phenomenon. The expertise of vampirism is only subjective.

My objective here isn’t to convince you that such a factor as power or emotional vampires exists in the event you don’t already consider it to be so, or in the event you haven’t noticed this as a “psychic fact” in your life.

As an alternative, I’m merely going to share my understanding based mostly on numerous sources in addition to my experiences and observations. As all the time, hold what’s relevant to you and discard the remaining.

So What is an Emotional Vampire?

An emotional vampire is someone who consciously or unconsciously evokes feelings in others specifically to feed on the triggered emotional power.

Related terms embrace power vampires, psychic vampires, psychopaths, sociopaths, witches, warlocks, and archons.

Psychologist Judith Orloff used the time period emotional vampires in her guide Emotional Freedom (audiobook).

Orloff highlights four several types of emotional vampires and hyperlinks every one to numerous psychological issues:

  1. The Narcissist (narcissistic character)
  2. The Sufferer (dependent character)
  3. The Controller (obsessive-compulsive character)
  4. The Splitter (borderline character)

She consists of in her ebook an “Emotional Vampire Survival Guide,” with assessments and practical evaluation. The drawback I see together with her commentary is that it leads you to consider that some individuals are emotional vampires whereas others will not be.

From my observations, everyone seems to be an emotional vampire. (I am an emotional vampire too.) It’s merely a perform of the state of affairs and circumstances that determine the extent and degree of our vampirism.

Saying that some individuals are power vampires whereas other individuals aren’t, sets up a victim-perpetrator recreation that the ego loves to play. So let’s not play it!

Are You an Energy Vampire? A Quick Assessment

You don’t want to take an extended survey to determine in the event you’re an power vampire.

Just answer these two questions:

  1. Do you will have all the things you want in life so that you simply really feel complete and entire?
  2. From moment to moment, do you reside in a state of circulate, absolutely present, feeling mild, alive, alert, and free?

In the event you can’t truthfully reply “yes” to both of these questions, you then’re an power vampire, no less than a number of the time.

As you’ll proceed to see all through this information, everybody has a vampire inside them (perhaps lots of them). The circumstances of the individual—both internally and inside their surroundings—determines how typically the vampire will get activated.

How Vampirism Relates to Human Wants

When you recall from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Wants, Maslow labeled all of our primary wants deficiency needs and exterior wants.

Issues like biological, safety, belonging, and esteem wants are deficiency needs in that once we aren’t assembly them, we feel anxious or neurotic. And they’re external wants because we seek to meet them by way of the surface world.

An underlying sense of deficiency drives us to meet these primary needs.

This sense of a need not being met mainly relates to conditions from our childhoods. So typically time, we’re not acutely aware of why we feel a sense of lack.

Within the absence of a way of completeness, of feeling entire, we seek sources outdoors of ourselves for what’s lacking. And this unconscious drive typically leads us to vampirism—to stealing the power, mild, and luck from others.

Archetypes: Vampires, Witches, and Warlocks

From the attitude of depth psychology, we might name the varied forms of vampires archetypes.

Witches, Warlocks, and Vampires are all examples of archetypes that reside in what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious.

Envy triggers witches and warlocks. Starvation or deficiency evokes vampires.

And these historic, primordial pictures have patterns of behaviors and information related to how to steal power, mild, and different qualities from different beings.

But as trendy and postmodern individuals, we’re primarily divorced from this data.

This disassociation doesn’t imply that power vampires aren’t real; simply that we now have a troublesome time observing them. Once you don’t know what to search for, you’ll be able to miss what’s proper underneath your nose.

As an alternative, most people understand phenomenon like vampirism as primitive or superstitious, as I once did. But, in fact, we’re merely misguided and unaware of this occult information.

The Rise of Vampires in Our Tradition

Our unconscious, nevertheless, is aware of the reality. Might this be why our culture is obsessive about stories about vampires?

For instance:

  • The fashionable Twilight collection of books and films
  • The Vampire Diaries tv collection
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv collection
  • Interview with a Vampire movie
  • The Originals tv collection
  • The Blade collection of comics and movies
  • Dracula films
  • Transylvania animated movie collection

The record goes on and on.

When one thing strikes a chord with giant segments of the inhabitants, it’s not random or without cause.

The Unique Vampire

The unique vampire archetype, so far as I can inform, is a character within the Zohar referred to as Lilith.

In accordance to this fable, Lilith was Adam’s first wife (yes, from the Adam and Eve origin story in the Bible). Lilith leaves Adam and later turns into a queen of the demons. (Solely then does God create Eve from certainly one of Adam’s ribs.)

energy vampire lillith

The more widespread time period for this sort of demon is a succubus, a supernatural entity present in folklore and medieval legends. (In Greek mythology, they refer to them as sirens.)

The succubus appears within the goals of men as an attractive lady who seduces them and attracts out their sexual power, depleting these males of their life pressure.

A succubus, nevertheless, doesn’t just are available goals. One can argue that any time a lady is behaving like a seductress or an enchantress, she’s ultimately possessed by a succubus.

The extra emotional trauma women endure during childhood (typically by the father), the more probably the succubus is to enter them in their teenage years and later.

psychic vampires succubus

There’s also a male version of the succubus referred to as the incubus who features in comparable patterns in the direction of ladies.

However seduction is only one technique of power vampires. (We’ll discover many others under.)

Why Vampirism Related to Everyone

Mature maturity and improvement require two essential elements: consciousness and duty.

Awareness all the time comes first as a result of you possibly can’t take duty until you’re aware of what’s occurring.

In accordance to developmental psychology, less than 2% of people ever attain mature maturity. That is, as a individuals, we’re principally immature.

We don’t essentially perceive ourselves this manner, nevertheless. Our acutely aware minds may see us in a glowing mild. However research after research exhibits that over 90% of our conduct is unconscious.

And emotional vampirism and stealing power is likely one of the many things occurring outdoors of our acutely aware consciousness. Learning about vampirism, from my view, is part of doing shadow work and growing one’s consciousness.

By bringing this dynamic to mild, we begin to witness its prevalence within us and others. Only then are we able to take duty and change it.

Why We Usually Avoid This Matter Completely

We tend to keep away from subjects like vampirism because they make us uncomfortable.

Rejecting or denying such experiences as psychic vampires give a false sense of safety and security. And understandably so—who needs to take into consideration individuals feeding on each other, with blood, power, or anything?

Plus, when you dive into emotional vampirism and begin to see how you might be “feeding” on others, it may evoke emotions of disgrace and guilt, two highly effective feelings we seek to avoid.

The unconscious (our physique) knows that vampirism exists; it feels it when it occurs. That’s, part of us is aware of what we’ve accomplished to even those closest to us. And so we stay in denial to shield the ego’s delicate self-image.

Conversely, once we understand what others have finished to us, it may possibly set off emotions of resentment and victimhood. (“How could he/she do that to me!”) The Sufferer archetype could be a arduous one to shake.

But keep in mind: This power change is occurring day-after-day, in all places—in each residence, faculty, and office—by mother and father, youngsters, academics, executives, pals, and religious leaders alike.

Why Emotional Vampires Exist

So why are vampires in all places?

The brief reply is trauma.

The degree of trauma inflicted on a person throughout childhood largely determines the degree of vampirism they categorical in later life.

A person turns into an emotional vampire because one or both of their mother and father exhibited these behaviors, possible each day.

There’s an adage in psychology: what’s left incomplete you’re doomed to repeat.

As a result of this trauma occurs mainly earlier than our acutely aware mind develops, we don’t know the trauma we endured. The physique (the unconscious), nevertheless, is aware of.

And the unconscious can only repeat the same trauma on another person UNTIL our acutely aware mind catches up with what’s occurring.

The different predominant purpose for power vampires is that the overwhelming majority of us are energetically depleted and out of stability. And once our delicate power area will get distorted, “feeding” on each other could also be an automated prevalence.

The Delicate Energy Body

Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu methods explain that numerous kinds of energetic fields surround our our bodies.

energy vampiressupply

In the Taoist arts, considered one of these fields is known as Wei qi or Guardian qi, which types a type of protecting defend across the body.

Within the Buddhist custom, Energy Drugs, and transpersonal psychology, they typically refer to it because the delicate power area.

New Age literature tends to use phrases just like the delicate power area and the auric subject (aura) interchangeably, which is a mistake. These two fields are totally different. The delicate power usually extends just a few inches from the body whereas the auric subject is more expansive.

In the Lively Aspect of Infinity (audiobook) the Yaqui shaman Don Juan explains to Carlos Castaneda that we all have an lively cloak that extends from above the crown of our heads to the bottom.

Restoring Our Energy Subject to Stop Leakage

When our energetic cloak is full, we are impenetrable. But as soon as there’s an opening or break in our area, which happens early in life, we’re vulnerable to numerous forces getting into our fields.

This educating is analogous to the microcosmic orbit and the macrocosmic orbit in Taoist practices.

energy fieldsource

The microcosmic orbit encompasses the torso while the macrocosmic orbit circulates by means of and around the whole physique.

In the commentary of the Taoist textual content, Hui-Ming Ching, it says,

“The shadowy monsters in the body are the dark vapors of untransformed energy … The dark vapors are dangerous because they can dissipate life energy and harm the seed of the Buddha.”

These “shadowy monsters” are comparable to what Carlos Castaneda referred to as “dark flyers.” I consider they are akin to the archetypes or archon as properly (vampires, witches, and so on.)

Via the alchemical firing course of described in the Hui-Ming Ching and other Taoist texts, you possibly can restore your life power and unique nature.

Once more from the Hui-Ming Ching: “When the bright pearl emerges, the hundred monsters are driven away.”

What Trauma Does to Our Energetic Fields

We are born complete and entire, with our energetic fields intact.

But quickly after delivery (within the hospital, in reality), our fields come underneath assault. (See the documentary, The Enterprise of Being Born, for a sobering take a look at how all the things goes flawed from the beginning, and why.)

Every trauma we endure—including being slapped by the physician after delivery and receiving adverse emotions from what sits within our mother and father—disrupts our energetic fields.

As soon as these fields are disrupted, we’re “incomplete” or “infected.”

From then on, we are prone to vampirism from others and grow to be emotional vampires ourselves.

Why We Steal Mild From Each Different

By “light” I imply one of the best qualities in every of us.

We mainly steal mild from each other as a result of we really feel poor. We intuit that we lack one thing we should have.

For instance, let’s say a 30-year-old man must provide for his household. To do so, he has to compete and obtain in the often-aggressive business jungle.

If he has trauma from childhood and feels incapable of competing (because his wounded Baby part hasn’t given approach to a wholesome Grownup in him), he will fail in his potential to present.

So what does he do together with his worry and emotions of doubt and inadequacy?

If he isn’t absolutely acutely aware of these weaknesses, he’ll unconsciously dump them on his wife and/or youngsters. They may then feel weak and insufficient.

Then, he can draw their mild. Now, he can be in a position to make his means on the planet.

Fathers typically steal mild from their family; as do working moms.

Associates steal from associates regularly too. (The “pretty, popular girl” in high school often keeps a much less engaging and fewer confident girlfriend close to her aspect. Otherwise, the beautiful woman may have to really feel her internal ugliness and insecurities.)

So what are the advantages of stealing mild from others?

You can:

  • Really feel free of your shortcomings
  • Empowered to achieve extra
  • Earn extra money
  • Be more widespread and influential
  • Be ok with yourself as you “help” others
  • Be extra competent, assured, and powerful

Stealing mild has loads of compelling benefits. Merely put, it’s the fastest approach for us to feel higher about ourselves (so long as we don’t consciously know what’s occurring).

How Gurus Steal Mild from Their College students

Whenever you see a larger-than-life character on a stage, beware. Energetic thievery and lightweight stealing are at work.

Gurus and students enter a type of mutually-complicit relationship. The scholar unconsciously agrees to give the guru their mild. And the guru gladly accepts it.

One widespread method this happens is thru the psychological mechanism referred to as projection.

The scholar tasks their hidden, greatest qualities like being sensible, calm, humorous, and centered onto the guru.

The guru than holds the scholar’s “inner gold” which makes the guru really feel more highly effective and superior to their students.

Huge Model Personalities and Stealing Mild

Outstanding brand personalities are notorious power vampires too. They dissociate from their fears and inadequacies and train others how they will “overcome” them.

For example, take any well-known motivational speaker. This particular person could be operating away from his laziness and feelings of lack.

But as long as this speaker unconsciously shames the viewers for their laziness and feelings of deficiency, the speaker feels elevated, ample, and competent while the audience appears up to him with emotions of awe.

And worse still, the speaker is likely taking giant sums of cash from the attendees for this “service” too.

Psychologists and social staff typically fall into this lure as nicely. Unconscious emotional wounds are what drives people into these fields.

As long as psychological health staff are “treating” others with their disowned symptoms (like nervousness and melancholy), they don’t have to experience these symptoms as typically within themselves.

I spent much of my teen years, 20s, and 30s giving my mild away and permitting numerous academics, thought leaders, and well being practitioners to take it from me. I’ve been amassing it back ever since.

Seven Indicators of Psychic Thievery

How have you learnt if someone has stolen your mild and power?

Listed here are a couple of widespread signs:

  • Persistent feeling of fatigue, especially after seeing sure people
  • Wrestling with emotions of self-doubt and a insecurity
  • A poor self-image (or you reject your self-image)
  • Fixed struggles with money (and even feeling repelled by it)
  • Persistent emotions of disgrace and guilt
  • A theme of lack runs by means of a lot of your life experience
  • Frequent emotions of inadequacy and being much less competent than these around you.

There are lots of other signs. But most of us can relate to the above experiences to various levels.

For those who wrestle with high levels of self-doubt while your sibling or mother and father are bustling with confidence, greater than possible, they stole your mild (and you unknowingly allowed it to happen).

Five Ways to Steal Energy from Others

Okay, now let’s look at a few of the ways we steal mild and power from one another.

In short, these methods embrace:

  1. Unconscious manipulation using reward
  2. Intimidation
  3. Touch
  4. Evoking feelings
  5. Psychic assaults (directed thought)
  6. Seduction

The objective right here is to improve our consciousness of what’s occurring beneath the floor.

We already coated seduction above, so now let’s see how the opposite strategies work.

Energy Vampire Tactic #1: Reward

I’ve come to view reward as some of the damaging forces in trendy culture.

Praise is hard because our minds associate constructive attributes to it. Mother and father feel good about themselves once they reward their youngsters. And the inflated youngster feels good when praised.

The shadow implications behind reward, nevertheless, are monumental. We’ve already discovered from psychologist Carol Dweck’s analysis that reward fosters a hard and fast mindset that impairs a toddler’s capability to study and develop.

But from my experience, this is just the start. The unconscious intention behind most types of praise is manipulation. That is, the Indifferent Manipulator archetype makes use of reward as a software to get others to do what it needs as well as to steal their mild.

What do I mean?

Praising Youngsters

Mother and father praise their youngsters to get them to behave the best way they want. We increase high-chair tyrants by “serving” our youngsters, and then we don’t understand how to handle the tyrant’s calls for.

However by praising the tyrant, telling them they are “good,” we are subtly forcing them to repress their inside tyrant.

Then, they turn into extra compliant and repress features of the tyrant. This repression helps explain why the shadow in most individual grows so huge by age 18.

Praising Adults

Also, as adults, we don’t seek or want praise. We do what we do as a consequence of what we’re.

The Baby in us, nevertheless, may need been conditioned for reward. So if someone praises us for something we are doing—for example, for being generous, diligent, or disciplined—it will possibly activate the Youngster in us.

Magically, these innate qualities start to depart us. We start to wrestle with discipline and lack generosity, and we don’t know why.

With the Youngster in charge, most of us act for the approval of others, not by our “inner directive.”

In search of approval creates an unhealthy dependency on others, stripping us of the qualities of maturity: autonomy, duty, and internal power.

Praise has a means of triggering the Innocent One in us that then falls prey to the Manipulator in others.

Energy Vampire Tactic #2: Intimidation

Archetypes like the Sadist, or its younger counterpart, the Bully, love using intimidation to draw power and lightweight from others.

In a “civilized” tradition, intimidation isn’t all the time blatant. As an alternative, this type of aggression expresses itself by way of unconscious cues: a quick downward look, crossing the arms, a threatening tone of voice, or a mild smirk.

When someone puts one other individual down (judges them), they are trying to steal their mild.

When someone unconsciously tells you, “Not for you,” they’re making an attempt to steal from you.

This form of energetic thievery most frequently occurs when an individual has a whole lot of repressed envy. When an individual sees one thing they want in one other, they usually can’t absolutely acknowledge their want, envy, and jealousy, they’ll unconsciously attempt to steal it from them.

Energy Vampire Tactic #3: Contact

This tactic is like one thing out of science fiction. I might never have believed it was valid earlier than creating energetic sensitivity by means of numerous qigong practices.

While qigong is concerning the cultivation of life drive power, there are dark-art methods for stealing power from others. I once met a seasoned qigong practitioner who claimed to have first-hand accounts with these dark arts.

Even with probably the most mild touch we will steal power from each other and block the movement of power in others as properly.

Do you recall as a toddler, not wanting to be hugged by your mother and father or other family members once they came to visit for the holidays? Mother and father typically disgrace their youngsters for this conduct (“Go hug your grandmother”), so many people overlook about our aversion to hugging.

But the reality is that the majority youngsters don’t want to hug. They don’t know why, nevertheless it’s because they’re more related to their our bodies. Their unconscious (body) is telling them to stay away.

How Mother and father Steal Energy from Their Youngsters

In the event you’re a father or mother, have you ever come residence from a nasty day of work and couldn’t wait to hug your young youngster?

Do you are feeling like hugging and being round your kid(s) immediately makes you are feeling better? Why may that be so?

Mother and father steadily steal the qi/power from their youngsters via hugs, kisses, and touching (unconsciously, in fact).

Kissing a toddler on the highest their heads, for instance, is a wonderful method to draw their power.

The crown of the top is known as the baihui point in Chinese language drugs and the Taoist arts. The baihui point is the religious entry point for a person’s greater consciousness.

One other method mother and father steal the qi of their youngsters, especially babies, is through their ft. Consciously, a mom may kiss a child’s foot because “it’s so cute.”

Unconsciously, nevertheless, they’re drawing power from the child’s main entry level, referred to as K1 in acupuncture, Yongquan, or the bubbling nicely.

energy vampiressource

When you’re a mum or dad, if you really feel such as you’re drained or experiencing emotional imbalance, I highly advocate staying away from your youngsters.

Youngsters have significantly more qi/power than adults, so it’s natural for adults instinctually go to “feed” on them once they really feel depleted.

It’s Not About Guilt and Shame

In the event you’re a mother or father studying this, it’s straightforward to feel guilt and disgrace, maybe even a feeling of hopelessness. However worry not.

Everybody unconsciously engages in these psychic activities: your mother and father did it to their mother and father … on and on throughout history.

The concept right here is to turn into acutely aware of what’s occurring so you can also make modifications going ahead. You start from the place you’re proper now. The previous is up to now.

Energy Vampire Tactic #4: Emotional Evocation

The main objective of power vampires is to set off an emotional reaction—the extra intense the emotion, the stronger the energetic charge with which it may well feed.

Disgrace and guilt are two of probably the most potent weapons an emotional vampire can use to sap your life pressure.

  • You should know better…
  • Who do you assume we’re…

Phrases like these can collapse your power system, leaving you vulnerable to further psychic assaults.

Different widespread techniques embrace irritating and annoying a person (youngsters typically use this one on their mother and father), in addition to shocking, surprising, or terrifying them.

Once more, with babies (who are like infinite balls of power), beyond the perceived innocence of games like peek-a-boo, there’s a darker intent.

Shocking, surprising, and tickling are efficient types of emotional vampirism.


Tickling itself is a behavioral pattern of the Sadist archetype. It’s a form of torture, especially to a helpless child who can’t escape or defend itself.

In case you look intently within the eyes of a kid as you tickle them, you will notice worry. Conversely, should you intently observe within the eyes of the tickler, you’ll see a vicious sadist.

In the event you doubt that tickling induces worry, go to tickle a toddler and watch their shoulders. The baby’s shoulders instantly rise.

And even higher, think about somebody tickling you. Discover the strain around on your kidneys and the muscle tissue around your backbone.

All of those indicators relate to the physiology of worry.

In the dead of night arts, for those who can evoke worry, it’s easier to drain a person’s power.

Energy Vampire Tactic #5: Psychic Assaults

Some of the widespread tools of psychic vampires is the direct use of thought varieties. A vampire will send “psychic signals” directed at a selected individual.

Though we’d want to consider that our thoughts are personal, this isn’t the case.

As Nobel laureate Sir John Carew Eccles found, the thoughts is sort of a sending and receiving middle.

We’ve all had the experience of getting an individual from our previous enter our stream of consciousness. These experiences aren’t random. Generally, this happens because the other individual was fascinated by you.

Within the case of psychic vampires, they may repeatedly direct adverse thoughts and unwell wishes toward you. The problem right here is that the person sending these damaging thoughts is usually unaware of it.

For example, somebody who typically worries about another individual (together with a mother) is likely unconscious to how part of them is wishing another hurt.

Part of this individual needs the individual they are worrying about to be protected or cautious, whereas one other part may need them to get hit by a automotive. The particular person, nevertheless, is just acutely aware of the former half (as a result of they haven’t integrated their shadow but).

In witchcraft, there are specific spells which might be used to draw power from others. As a result of we’re principally unconscious to this occult information, the archetypes in us conduct these practices without our consciousness.

Watch out for These Two Archetypes …

There are two archetypes, particularly, that you simply’ll need to be careful for whenever you’re learning about emotional vampires:

  1. The Denying Harmless One
  2. The Helpless Victim

I cover the Denying Innocent One in this guide on the magician archetype. The harmless one will deny they’re concerned in vampirism.

This archetype will make you are feeling such as you’re purely harmless and “unaware” of what’s happening. This “innocent” part of an individual will wholeheartedly reject the notion that they could want hurt to someone they “love.”

The Helpless Victim is a variation of the Weakling Prince, the passive shadow of the King archetype (coated in Moore and Gillette’s King Warrior Magician Lover).

The victim loves to play the “poor me” recreation and feed on the sympathy of others. It’s also susceptible to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

Be careful for this common, “poor me” conduct—within others and yourself. The Sufferer is a deceptive power thief.

I say to beware of these two archetypes because they are often troublesome to detect they usually can simply trick our acutely aware thoughts.

Behind the harmless one is the Indifferent Manipulator. Cloaked beneath the helpless victim, is the Tyrant. And these two archetypes are often out for blood… (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

How to Stop Being an Emotional Vampire

The first step is realizing you’re one.

As I stated earlier, everyone is an emotional vampire. That is, beneath the correct circumstances, we every steal power and lightweight from others.

Nevertheless it’s additionally correct to say that no one is an emotional vampire. Emotional and power vampires, witches, and warlocks are archetypal forces that abide in us, nevertheless it’s not what we are.

If we remain unconscious to them, nevertheless, they operate inside us whether we would like them to or not.

The key, then, is to turn into acutely aware of these archetypal forces inside us.

I see 5 fundamental explanation why we fail to witness power vampirism more readily:

First, when the pineal gland is calcified, because it seems to be in most individuals, it will not be potential to absolutely observe psychic events like power vampirism.

See: How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Second, we maintain an unimaginable quantity of repressed feelings, which block the power circulate by means of the first channels of our body.

See: How to Transmute Repressed Emotions

Third, we haven’t developed the sensitivity to experience this natural move of power within us (see under).

See: How to Cultivate Energy Standing Nonetheless

Fourth, we move too shortly. The quicker we transfer around, the less info we process. Slow down and keep curious. You’ll be amazed at how your notion modifications and awareness will increase.

Fifth, we’re consumed by shame and guilt. Shame could be a useful emotion if it motivates you to take action. However when you’re accustomed to repressing disgrace, it is going to reinforce your unconscious behaviors.

How to Take Back your Mild, Energy, and Luck

It might be a common regulation that someone can’t energetically take from you with out your consent. Consent, on this case, can come within the type of ignorance, innocence, or silence.

The main approach to reclaim what’s yours is by remembering. Recall what’s yours and what’s not. Right recollection, in fact, isn’t all the time an easy activity.

Psychic thievery begins in childhood before we consciously know who we’re.

Because of this, Jung spoke concerning the individuation course of—the trail to turning into an entire particular person and returning to our Self.

Two essential parts of the individuation course of are:

  1. Getting to know your shadow
  2. Taking back your projections

I’ve coated each of those subjects in different guides, however projection is a main mechanism by which we give away our mild.

Each time you reject something in yourself including confidence, power, and intelligence, you give it away to someone else. That is, once you don’t declare what’s yours, you enable someone else to take it from you.

And as I defined in this projection guide, whenever you venture your mild onto others, especially academics and different authority figures, they gladly receive it (because it feeds their inflation).

But few individuals are prepared to give it back if you awaken to what’s occurring. So meaning you’ve got to take it again. It’s not stealing because it’s your mild in the first place.

You can accomplish this by way of your acutely aware intent. Usually, nothing wants to occur within the physical world. Out of your Middle, you say, “What’s yours is yours. What’s mine is mine.”

Why We Need to Domesticate Energy

Certainly one of my qigong instructors once advised me that there are solely three ways to get power:

  1. Steal it,
  2. Evoke it, or
  3. Domesticate it.

Stealing is the most typical method. Evocation occurs by way of prayer to the “gods” and occult rituals (black magic). The third means is by cultivating your inner power.

Contemplate how energetically depleted we are as a individuals. Stimulants like caffeine are so commonplace that it’s troublesome to think about life with out them.

Nootropics are on the rise as a result of caffeine isn’t enough to handle our rising fatigue and lack of alertness.

We work tirelessly in front of computer systems, bombarded by harmful electromagnetic frequencies from WIFI and our units. Our stress taxes our adrenal glands 24/7.

Most of us stay in a state of continual stress and fatigue, however we’d not even decelerate long enough to notice our situation.

Is it any marvel that we’ve all grow to be power vampires feeding on one another?

How to Cultivate Your Life Energy

So right here’s the excellent news: there are strategies for cultivating life drive power inside us.

Qigong and Nei Gong symbolize huge methods of theories and practices designed to open up your body and domesticate the power operating via you and nature itself.

This matter is huge. Should you’re new to qigong, I recommend you find a local class taught by a talented practitioner.

A foundational apply in lots of qigong methods known as Zhan Zhuang, or standing like a tree.

By means of this follow, you’ll find out how to align your posture, convey your mind into your physique, and sink and consolidate your power or qi. Of the various totally different types and methods I’ve studied, Zhan Zhuang has had probably the most influence on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You can get started with this in-depth, newbie’s information to Zhan Zhuang right here.

When you’re curious about further assets, I recommend Lam Kam Chuen’s The Approach of Energy and Damo Mitchell’s Daoist Nei Gong as wonderful entry factors into this matter.

How to Shield Your Energy

Now, I don’t like the thought of “protection” from vampires. This notion can evoke rigidity and worry in itself.

And worry is how power vampires can feed on us in the first place.

If you’re in the Middle—impartial, light-hearted, open, and free—emotional vampires can do you no harm.

However unconscious and repressed feelings make it troublesome to keep impartial from second to second.

So the first thing we should do is develop self-awareness so we will more readily join with how we’re feeling in the second.

If we aren’t aware of what’s occurring and how an emotional vampire is making an attempt to hook us, there’s not much we will do.

The Harmless One, a shadow of the Magician archetype, needs to consider everyone (particularly those closest to us) are purely good. And once we determine with this innocence, we definitely gained’t see what’s occurring.

That stated, what are you able to do whenever you observe an power vampire in your presence?

Listed here are 5 methods value experimenting with:

  • Ground yourself. Root yourself in your physique and sink your power into the earth.
  • Smile inwardly at your heart. Loosen up as much as potential.
  • Place one or both palms over your navel area. This hand position creates an lively seal.
  • Personal your area. Everyone has an lively subject that extends out round them. If you root yourself in your area, only probably the most aggressive vampires will try to break it.
  • Attempt a safety mudra. There are some hand positions utilized in Buddhist and Hindu traditions to provide psychic safety. For instance:

energy vampirism

Maybe the only greatest method to keep off psychic assaults is to stay completely neutral.

Recap: Welcome to the World of Energy Vampires

The wisdom within our our bodies knows that power vampires exist. It has experienced this psychic occasion firsthand (from each side) throughout its life.

Most of us haven’t developed our consciousness to the purpose where we could be accountable for all of our ideas and feelings. But, this accountability is important for self-leadership.

This degree of psychic accountability is important if we’re to include our vampirism, or no less than reduce its effects on us.

Now, What Do You Assume?

Have I gone off the deep end right here? Or have you had experiences with power vampires and stealing mild in your personal life?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Depart your comments under …